ABOUT ME - I grew up in Switzerland and attended the School of Art and Design in Basel after College. Later I refined my painting skills by copying old master paintings in the Prado museum in Madrid, Spain, and the Louvre museum in Paris, France. Besides creating and showing personal artwork, I also worked as a comp artist and commercial illustrator. I also created backdrops for films and commercials, painted portraits and other custom artwork, and taught art classes. In 1996 I immigrated to Los Angeles, where I’ve been working as illustrator, designer, scenic artist, concept artist, matte artist and art director. I have won an award from Communication Arts for my Airtight Garage Illustrations, 2000 (link), an award from SILA Illustration West for the 39th Latin Grammy Awards, 2001, and I have helped win a bunch of VES and Emmy nominations for many of my employers and clients.

MATTE PAINTING - If you are not familiar with matte painting, here is a short explanation: The matte is a part of a film that is masked out (often achieved with green/blue screens that are placed behind the actors), so it can be replaced with new backgrounds and/or other elements. Matte paintings are usually a combination of digital paintings, photographs, and 3D elements. Projections of paintings onto flat virtual cards or simple virtual models, allow camera movement around the paintings, and have become common practice during the last 10 years. 3D matte paintings don’t need to be lit in 3D, and thus save a lot of rendering time and computer memory, while offering immediate visual feedback and control.

Until the late eighties, matte paintings were painted with traditional media (i.e. oils), today they are painted digitally. An art education and skills are a prerequisite still, even with the help of an ever expanding array of digital tools.

An entertaining and interesting homage to the legendary matte painter Al Whitlock, at a Visual Effects Society panel discussion can be found here, and more information about visual effects in general here, and mattes here.

Tron: Legacy
Wall Street 2
Fair Game
Flags of Our Fathers
Racing Stripes
The Celestine Prophecy

Pushing Daisies
Life After People
Ugly Betty
The Witches Of Eastwick
The Bronx is Burning
New Amsterdam
The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb
Mysterious Island
The Poseidon Adventure

Kill Bill 2
The Terminal
The Stepford Wives
Mystic River
The Scorpion King
The Haunted Mansion
Star Trek (remastered version)
Three Rivers

CONTACT - I specialize in creating 2D and 3D matte environments, conceptual illustrations and I'm an experienced art director. I have worked in film, commercials and television. My education and background in (hyper-) realistic painting helps me in creating elements and sceneries without depending much on reference material, when it is not available. I have trained many on the job, and I'm not shy to share my knowledge.

You can reach me at the address on the bottom of the image to the right.